Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas with familly

I have experience of Christmas last year, at which time our family decided to celebrate Christmas in a stunning european mountain heaven that we have never visited before.

Friday afternoon our family started the journey from Romania to France with European aircraft. right at 12 am we finally arrived also in French with a stay at one of the hotel next to the eifel tower.

The amazing thing that makes the admiration is when we begin to see firsthand the biggest European masterpiece is a land mark wonders of the world, when the night is so bright with moonlight radiating star studded - star. that it seems a pity I missed that night to sleep after children and my husband who was already asleep exhausted.

The next day we go to the north of Europe to the place where we would spend Christmas night there ..

And it feels even wonderfull never stops from my heart, I could feel so much beauty, and happiness that surround the day - my day time ...

 Honestly I love natural scenery there, I greatly admire the snow-clad mountains Alvent natural scenery and beauty of heaven ..

I think I do not want to miss a day - a day to stay there ..

Hopefully one day I and with people - people who I love to be back there with a million other beautiful memories ..

This is my chritsmas hamper , it so nice
i get this from http://www.floweradvisor.com.sg/florist/singapore/occasions/christmas/132/

Christmas & New Years In Singapore

unnoticed stay a few more months we will have a Christmas feast nutrient special moments that our family has been waiting for - wait, can not wait to see you soon feels for Christmas this year as we plan to celebrate Christmas in singapore a pretty little country bordering Indonesia .

  Orchad road christmas 

we had planned to visit this country as we got home from our trip to the europa christmas last year

various preparations have been our installment of now like christmas hampers singapore first message that we have to be there to enliven the atmosphere of Christmas

Costume christmas santa clause costume like that is frequently used to give a gift to my son, christmas tree, christmas egg and assorted other Christmas knick knacks we have prepared well.  

Ahh so can not wait now want to be there, it is definitely more fun have fun imagine ..

The habit of celebrating Christmas in a variety of different ngara each year has become a habit of our big family ..

And it was very enjoyable, memorable and meaningful.